Upcoming Shows

Fri 1/11
Riegelsville Inn– Riegelsville, PA
8 – 11pm


Sat 4/27
HiJinx Brewery– Allentown, PA


Sat 6/15
HiJinx Brewery– Allentown, PA


Fri 6/21
Riegelsville Inn– Riegelsville, PA
8 – 11pm


Sat 8/10
HiJinx Brewery– Allentown, PA


Sat 10/12
HiJinx Brewery– Allentown, PA


Sat 12/14
HiJinx Brewery– Allentown, PA


Sat 12/15
Winter Fest @ Gravity Hill Farm – Titusville, NJ
11am – 4pm


Sun 10/7
Frenchtown Octoberfest Benefit – Frenchtown, NJ
7 – 8pm


Sun 9/2
Little Engine Studio – Frenchtown, NJ
w/ Peter Moretzsohn & craft beer by Jest Brewing
7 – 10pm


Sat 7/28
ArtYard – Frenchtown, NJ
7:30 – 8pm


Sat 6/23
Rathskeller @ The National Hotel – Frenchtown, NJ
9 – 11pm


Sat 6/9
Sarge Fest – Frenchtown, NJ
6 – 7pm


Pam Reyes & Nate Walker 2018 Spring Tour


Thu 4/26
Bitters & Bones• Saranac Lake NY
9 – 11:00 pm


Fri 4/27

The Tap Room@ Switchback Brewery • Burlington VT
6 – 8:00 pm


Sat 4/28
Light Club Lamp Shop• Burlington VT
7 – 8:30 pm


Sun 4/29
Moon & River Café• Schenectady NY
2 – 4:00 pm


Mon 4/30
South Street Café• Bennington VT
12 – 2:00 pm


Tue 5/1
HiLo Café• Catskill NY
12 – 1:45 pm


Tue 5/1
Cafeteria Coffee House• New Paltz NY
7 – 9:45 pm


Wed 5/2
Draught Industries• Beacon NY
9 – 11:00 pm


Thu 5/3
Traghaven Whiskey Pub & Co• Tivoli NY
8:30 – 11 pm


Fri 5/4
Artshack Brooklyn• Brooklyn NY
6 – 8:00 pm


Sat 5/5
Little Engine Studio• Frenchtown NJ
7 – 10:00 pm


Sat 3/10/18
The 2nd Floor Art Gallery • Revere PA
6 – 9:00 pm


Sun 1/21/18
The National Hotel• Frenchtown NJ
5 – 7:00 pm


Nate Walker has always existed in a space between worlds. An early life spent navigating disparate energies of generational experience (his parents were 28 years apart) shaped the soul and spirit of who he is and set the foundation for the music he writes. A deep desire to connect, the longing inherent in the rift, living in the journey; the basic threads that inform his lyric and songwriting style.


“Life is to explore.” Not only does Nate live these words (he walked away from music for 10 years to be an organic vegetable farmer), his songs are a testament to just that: the exploration, the loosening of labels, the widening of lanes. Nate’s music pulls from the hard angles of new wave and punk, the soft pad of classic pop orchestration, the thick rhythms of rock and r&b, and the cold contours of the digital.


“I’m just writing music that I’d want to hear coming from my speakers. And I hope someone connects to it. As simple as it might sound, that’s really the entire thing for me.”


Being one who’s always eager to get down to the true elements of a situation or song, Nate shies away from façade. No matter in what time or place his music lands, he always brings his full sense of self to bear: a snapshot from the journey, a point of connection, a space between worlds, something he can truly call his own.


Nate currently writes, records, and collaborates with different artists out of his space in Frenchtown, NJ, Little Engine Studio.

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